About Us

Welcome to my little cottage

It’s a home that I would happily live in with its white picket fence and beautiful rose garden. We have invested a lot of love into this little cottage. Going to work is a pleasure. I didn’t expect to go online but because of the circumstances it’s the only way to show you what I have collected for you all to look fabulous in.

I love helping make people look great. It must have a point of difference and not necessarily follow trends but suit the individual. We don’t typically do anything you would find in a shopping centre.. it’s more European boutique with a quirky, fun, colourful yet stylish and feminine style. Think French Riviera, boho, chic.

I invite you to make a private appointment with me to try some things on, especially things you never thought were you. You might be surprised when I suggest something out of your ordinary that it looks and feels beautiful on! It’s all fun, like playing dress ups.

I love my little boutique and I’d love to share its magic with you.

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